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Ever wondered what our planet will be like in 10 years time?
Or what our planet will be like in 5 years time?
Or even in one year time?

We live in very fast changing times. Technology is moving at a pace, the Common People will find it hard to keep up with the pace of change.
The time has come for us all to grab the COW by the horns, and begin to Create Our World.

As a collective of HUMANS, Hearts United Mastering the Art of Nature, Soulfully, we need to use our vast amount of intelligence, to make Mother Earth a safer and longer lasting home for all types of living species.
The SELFish attitude has to stop; we should be more caring and sharing.
The rich and greedy need to step down from they're very high peddle stalls, and realise they have no greater value than any other being, in the eyes of Mother Earth. Also the strong need to aid the weak, and help those who cannot easily help themselves.� All HUMANS NEED to set aside their egos, and become a realistic and rational civilisation.

The only way we are going to make Mother Earth a better place for all HUMANS, is to have a United Common Ground, whereby people are encouraged to use their Common Sense and show Common Decency, within a United Global Community. Only then will we find a United Universal Understanding, upon which we can all agree.

NOW, in this Naturally Organised World, we have the Reason. We were born from Mother Earth, therefore it stands to Reason we should take care of our planet. Everything we could ever NEED in life is supplied to us, without resent or cost. All we have to do is show respect, and act responsibly, so as to maintain the Natural Balance of Mother Earth.

We have the Ability, in the form of technology. We can give all people the opportunity to converse with all other people on our planet. Using technology, we can organise recourses, from Local to National to Global requirements. We can be heard individually, and in Unity. The truth is the majority should rule, but this can only come about, if we all take the effort to say what we really think, and Voice Open Thoughts Equally. Make your VOTE count, by making a VOTE.

We have the Power. Not only can we dream, we can also make those dreams come true. We have the Power to change, and make better all aspects of HUMANS integration with Mother Earth. Do you consciously think about how you walk, step by step? No, you just do, and this is the same for most things in life. The more you analyse, or try to understand, the more complicated you make life. The REAL Power comes though acceptance. Accept you were born, and you will die, but in the meantime you have a life time of treasures to discover, which will develope into many different pleasures, as long as you keep a Mind on the measures you devote to. Your Power gives you a Reasonably Excuse to Advance Life, use it, live it, and most of all, Love it!

LOOK Live Loyal.
FACE Free Faith.
HELP Hope Honour.

Life is all about Balance.

3 is Magic. The time has come to realise the REAL power of 3, and let the Magic flow.
People, come together as one, and let's have an Open Book Approach to life. 3LFH wants your input. Let's all make a VOTE, and let the majority rule, not the minority of rich and powerful, who are only obsessed with hording as many riches as they possibly can.

The small percentage of people who think they hold the rains to the world, must be laughing at they're TV's, when they see the lower class gathering together on the streets, marching, or demonstrating, or even rioting. The rich must feel righteous, as though they are needed to keep our planet in check.
But, what would really scare the big bad cat’s, is if we all Unite, and use the full potential of the technology available to us. We as a race NEED to rise above the Political, Law and Religious ways we have been led by, and revaluate our future upon Mother Earth.
Tradition is good, as long as it does not interfere with the Future, and the well being of Mother Earth.

The problem with the current Political system is that the politicians act as though they are in a school play ground, chanting insults to one another.
"I'm right, you're wrong."
Instead of being grown up, and working together for the Good of all people. We as a race of HUMANS, should be VOTEing for polices, not party's. Plus with all these under handed dealings, these so called respectable politicians have been caught doing, like excessive expense claims, and corruption by the wealthy and powerful, all because the politicians believe they are better than everyone else, and therefore they deserve to live a more luxurious life style.
We should all have the right and opportunity to VOTE on policies we feel will affect us, and not feel as though we are forced to only VOTE for a party, or figure head.
Voice Open Thoughts Equally.
Then collectively, the REAL majority can rule.
Law. We have a system which is totally barmy. Whereby one person who carries drugs, is considered to be as bad as an evil person who rapes or kills. Why can't we use our own Common Sense to guide us as to what is right or wrong? Why are we being constantly bombarded by new laws, directives, or initiatives every day? Civil offences, like taking drugs or swearing in the street, are dividing the main stream public’s views. It’s as though we live in a 2 tier society, the wrong and the righteous, or the poor and the obscenely rich. We were born Equal, to take charge and to maintain our civilisations. Not to squander away our existence, and put up our middle finger to the Common People.

Educate the people, and they will be equipped for a life time to live in a civilised state. Stop dictating, and let the people understand for them SELF's. Nature allows Mother Earth to be Balanced.

Religion has shaped the world, but in this day and age, are we really religious?
When I first started to read the Bible, I really thought it was the true word of GOD. But as time went by, I realised it was actually the word of MAN, and his interpretation of the word of GOD. With so many different fractions, chapters and cults, they all seem to say the same thing:
"This is the only way to GOD."
When in reality, it is MAN trying to play the Shepherd, and treating the Common People as sheep. The reality is, GOD Created Evolution. By making the Atom, GOD provided a Universe teaming with all sorts of life, for us all to be a part of. I am not saying Religion is bad; it's all about Faith and the Freedom of choice. But we as a race of HUMANS, need to rise above the restrains we have placed upon our SELF's, and LOOK at the BIG picture. Let's FACE it, if we continue to treat Our planet the way we do, then our children will have nothing but barren lands. So, why don't we HELP one another, and re-write the book of life, and continually update it as and when necessary. We are in a position where we can make the best of the Good, and ignore the evil.

Mother Earth

Learn Our Own Knowledge.
Form Advance Create Enjoy.
Harmony Equal Love Peace.
Goodness Overcome Destruction.
Naturally Organised World.

Do you want to change Mother Earth?

Then why not join 3LFH, and make a difference?

And if you think I'm full of bull, then fair enough, move on by, and name me silly. But one day, you will think to yourself,
"Yes, that's what it's all about"!

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3 Words Educates Magic
in your heart, you will always have your
Mind Body Soul
in tune.

3, is not just the magic number, 3 is also the secret Key to the Universe. 3 brings about Balance.

L, is for LOOK, which any being would do, with any level of Common Sense and Mind. We LOOK to be aware, and to build our mental state, to enable us to Live a life Loyal and worthwhile.

F, is for FACE, the most beautiful creation every set upon a HUMANS BodyFACE where you are NOW, and feel Free to have the Faith to be whoever you want to BE.

H, is for HELP, the Power everyone has to give and receive, and can leave you feeling as though your Soul has been touched by GODHELP your SELF to be the best you can BE, and have the Hope you will always live a Honourable life.

With 3LFH in your heart, you will always have your Mind Body Soul in tune. Let the number 3's power reach inside you, and find your SELF a new brand new way of life.

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United we stand,
devided we fall
UUU - United Universal Understanding
Throughout the Universe there is Order.
Systems play out seemlessly, without effort or concern,
Nature just works!

We exist in fantastic times. Our whole Universe is teaming with varied and wonderful creations, which have all Evolved over a unconceivable amout of Time, within a totally awesome amount of Space. We are all in Motion, and Motion drives the Universe to be what it is, Magic.

HUMANS on the other hand, have only been around for a short amount of Time. Yet we have made the greatest impact upon Mother Earth, and in some peoples eyes, we have caused so much damage to our planet. We seem to be running around like headless chickens, with no regard to our true purpose in life, the Reason we are here NOW.

Do you really think the whole of Evolution, and all its Magic, was by chance?

Do you, deep within the very heart of you, beleive there is no meaning to U?

You are a Magic being. You are capable of many wonderful and inspirational things. The key is, you have to believe in your SELF. You just have to trust in the fact you can do anything.

As you LOOK around your world, you will see Nature flows in an organised and perfect manner. Nature is simple, it's just HUMANS who complecate things.

Everything seems to have it's place, as though the Universe is in perfect Balance. Knowing this, it only goes to stand, that all intellegent life has to have a system upon which life thrives, and exists in a Balanced manner. No matter who you are, or what physicle attributes you have, you are Equal. You have the right to live a fullfilling existance, as long as you obide by the simple principle;


We are not savage beings, we just lack the Education, which is esential to a Harmonious way of living a civilised life. Treating others as true Equals, gives us all a level playing field, upon which we can alll prosper. You just NEED to show Love to your fellow beings, and Love Mother Earth, as much as she Love's you. The end result, is the greatest tresure of all, Peace within your Heart. What more can we ask from life?

yourSELF to
United Universal Undertanding.

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