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Michael David Hanton

Personal Statement.

My name is:
Mikee Hanton.
I was born in the UK in 1966.

I have 2 daughters:
LOLLI; LOOK Our Lovely Little Infant, Freedom.
Harmony STAR; Sing Talk Act RAP; Reason Ability Power
and 1 step-daughter:

I have a NEED, a Never Ending Eternal Dream, whereby the use of technology, and HUMANS desire to make good, can help bring about a healthier future for all HUMANS on Mother Earth. I believe if we can come together upon a United Common Ground, it would be possible to have a United Global Community, which holds the same values and aspirations.

By picking the best parts of all we have in the world, and bringing them together, it is achievable to believe we can all gain the best out life.

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